About the Clarify Health Institute

Niall Brennan, Chief Analytics & Privacy Officer, Clarify Health, will lead the Institute. In this video, he shares his vision, which is for the Institute to become a source of truth on the quality and efficiency of the US healthcare system, and a driver of transparency across the industry.

Leveraging the power of big data

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Exploration of healthcare trends

See what we can tell you about the US healthcare system, leveraging our data set with 300M+ patient lives.

Supporting research agendas

The Institute engages in partnerships with academics and policymakers nationwide to support research.

Metrics for Media

If you’re a journalist, congressional staffer, or researcher looking for a specific number or metric on healthcare spending, utilization or quality contact us!


Research Brief

Z-Codes or Zzzzzzzzz-Codes

Assessing the Effectiveness of Capturing Social Determinants of Health Factors in Claims Data

Research Brief

The Kids Are Not Alright

Pediatric Mental Healthcare Utilization from 2016-2021


Niall Brennan Introduces the Clarify Health Institute


Clarify Health publishes research on quality of care in the United States in 2021

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