Welcome to our new podcast, Healthcare Unbound, where healthcare leaders and changemakers discuss ways to advance healthcare outcomes, costs, and affordability. Healthcare Unbound offers listeners a front-row seat to some of the brightest minds working to find solutions to the immense challenges we are facing in every corner of the industry. The podcast is the namesake of the Healthcare Unbound Summit we held in May 2022, where a select group of 150 industry thought leaders, innovators, and changemakers set in motion plans for shaping the future of healthcare. We produce our podcasts to continue those important conversations with meaningful cross-sector dialogue and debate. 

A healthcare podcast for professionals, by professionals

We launched the Healthcare Unbound podcast in June 2023 with a mission to unravel the intricate threads of healthcare and explore topics as complex as they are crucial. Episodes are designed to uncover the forces shaping healthcare and provide a space where guests can candidly discuss topics related to healthcare transformation, payment innovation and incentives, advancements, and groundbreaking solutions for the US healthcare system. 

Healthcare changemakers and guests

The podcast showcases an extraordinary array of guests. From changemakers and influential figures in value-based care and behavioral economics to thought leaders in healthcare transformation, we produce our podcasts and videocasts to enlighten and engage our audiences.

Past episodes include engaging discussions with top experts like Zeke Emanuel, MD, PhD, and Jean Drouin, MD, who delve into Harnessing Incentives to Drive Value-Based Care Initiatives

Amol Navathe, MD, PhD, shares his expertise on Leveraging Data, Incentives, and Behavioral Economics to Transform Healthcare

Chuck Feerick and Emily Roesing look at optimizing referral patterns. They stress the significance of motivating physicians, addressing specific behaviors, preserving clinician autonomy, providing data-driven insights, streamlining implementation, and aligning physician incentives with benefit design to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Now more than ever, patients feel empowered to take charge of their healthcare, researching and gathering information to make informed decisions with their healthcare providers. They expect their providers to have the tools to make the best decisions.

In her episode Navigating Healthcare Data Challenges, Dr. Vigil discusses the issues clinicians face working with healthcare data effectively and the critical importance of improving care outcomes and efficiency through data analytics. Dr. Prasad examines ways to leverage data to improve patient journeys, noting that data can tell stories, but how we organize that data to enhance patient journeys is vital. 

Clarify Health’s Co-Founder and President, Todd Gottula, takes us on a journey into the future with Generative AI: The New Frontier in Healthcare Technology. He paints a picture of AI’s transformative potential in healthcare by explaining how we use data science and generative AI to uncover patterns, optimize datasets, and provide evidence-based recommendations with Clara, Clarify’s generative AI capability. 

Neechi Mosha, MD, MBA, continues the conversation with a look at the role of technology in efficient data analysis and equitable access to care to enhance healthcare processes and patient experiences. Dr. Mosha takes us on his compelling journey, championing a technology-driven healthcare revolution while emphasizing efficient data analysis and equitable access to quality care for underserved communities. 

Data transparency and quality metrics are crucial in reshaping healthcare delivery. Chuck Feerick and Mason Shea from Mercer discuss the company’s role in healthcare transformation and addressing rising healthcare costs. They discuss Mercer’s partnership with Clarify Health and emphasize the importance of data transparency and precise provider performance benchmarking to power higher-value care. Please tune in to learn about the pivotal role of collaboration and forward-thinking strategies in revolutionizing how we approach healthcare challenges. 

It’s a time to learn and understand the complexities of the healthcare system and the solutions available to ensure everyone has access to the right healthcare at the right time and in the right place. 

Anil Singh, MD, MPH, MMM, talks about Highmark Health’s innovative Living Health model and how it prioritizes patient and provider experiences for improved health outcomes. 

Where to listen 

All of the episodes are available on the Healthcare Unbound podcast page and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyGood Podcasts, and Castro. We have an exciting line-up for 2024 and hope you’ll tune in to Healthcare Unbound for new episodes every two weeks.