Although price transparency files are available, the volume and complexity of available data makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to clearly understand their competitive rate position—where their negotiated rates may be significantly above or below market rates. Finding insights in price transparency data can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Clarify’s new Negotiation Opportunity tool is the magnet for finding essential insights into your market rate position.

A simple view to identify your risk or opportunity

Whether you deliver or pay for care, you need clean, easy-to-understand visuals to make sense of billions of rates. The Negotiation Opportunity tool is the only solution in the market that helps quickly and easily identify the current overall rate position.

Instead of processing Terabytes of data, Clarify flags areas of risk or opportunity by payer, hospital, and service line/service code level to inform what’s essential for your rate negotiations. It calculates who you need to negotiate with immediately and shows within a geographic area where the pricing position is weak or strong relative to the market. And, you can drill into the details right from the opportunity view to answer questions at a granular level.

Clarify Rates delivers on-demand, enriched market pricing data and analytics

Price transparency requirements are a game-changer for strategic market analysis and provider negotiation. Clarify helps healthcare organizations stay competitive and grow with critical pricing intelligence through enriched rate data and easy-to-use analytics.

Clarify Rates goes beyond raw payer and hospital pricing data. First, data is corrected for anomalies and missing information. Then, the rates are enriched with the provider and claim insights. Standard codes are mapped to service lines, Medicare rate insights are included, and zombie rates are removed for providers who don’t perform a service.

With Clarify Rates, users can quickly identify areas of business and provider risk or opportunity and compare rates to the market—with no coding needed. Drill into data, view dashboards, build reports, and export data into other workflows. Only Clarify Rates scores pricing data for completeness and quality, so you can understand and trust the data and the business impact.

Complete the picture with cost and quality insights 

Clarify understands that rates alone aren’t enough to understand competitive position and deliver high-value care. You also need to understand cost and quality. Adding Clarify data and insights on network and provider quality and efficiency lets you design, model, and optimize networks using real-world performance data. Compare providers across your network and providers in competitor networks, and even compare the performance of different networks.

Pinpoint your competitive pricing moves and optimize network performance with Clarify. Get a demo of Clarify’s rates and network capabilities today.