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Health plans are leading healthcare’s value transformation with intelligent network design and innovative payment models that reward exceptional outcomes.

“The core benefit we’ve realized is having an objective ability to help our customers understand, see, evaluate, and analyze value-based care arrangements for their population. This is allowing us to customize networks, evaluate network offerings, understand the opportunity for provider steerage, create value-based referral lists, and so much more.”

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in clinical cost savings identified


in net new MA revenue in 1 year


$6 in savings generated for every $1 incentive spent


year-1 VBC contracting savings

What I like most about Clarify Health are the data and the customer support. Clarify provides a user-friendly platform that provides data analytics at the tip of our fingers.”

Clarify is a great partner for fast, high-quality insights.”

Clarify is showing us which providers/health systems are in-network with our top competitors where we’re doing business. It gives us a roadmap to mirroring our competitors’ 4-5 Star plans. It also adds value by giving a view into volume (attributed patients) and performance (quality/efficiency scores) as we tailor provider targets.”

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Accelerate transformation, drive growth, and adopt innovative payment models confidently with the industry’s most trusted healthcare analytics platform, mapping over 300 million real-world patient journeys with machine-learning precision.