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“With Clarify, we have access to insights we’ve never had before. We discovered that we had only been targeting half of our top opportunity providers. I can’t believe we were only calling on a portion of our highest-priority customers.”

General Manager, Urology Business Unit

Leading Genetic Testing Company

Flexible solutions for life sciences


revenue growth in year-1


more target HCPs indentified


in new revenue potential

We are partnering with Clarify Health to improve targeting efforts. Clarify is improving our knowledge of the markets and competition and helping our team improve our targeting of top customers. This information has been very important to focus our efforts and reduce costs on non-productive actions

The size of their data assets is really second to none. Their analytics platform is powerful and precise. The ability to continue drilling down is fantastic, as is the ability to build custom analyses.”

After learning how low utilization of genetic testing is among CCA patients, we decided to refocus our launch efforts and boost testing education.”

Carl Dambkowski

Chief Strategy Officer

QED therapeutics

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