In June of 2023, Physician Liaisons from around the country came together at the American Association of Physician Liaisons annual conference in Denver, Colorado. Clarify was excited to attend the conference and meet with liaisons to discuss growth strategies and our new Salesforce for PRM integration.

We were also thrilled for our Director, Head of Provider Customer Success, Christiana Taylor, to share the stage with April Salazar, Provider Business Development Manager II, of Keck Medicine of USC where they presented a real-world case study on strategic physician outreach. In the presentation, Christiana and April touched on several pain points felt by the physician liaison team at Keck Medicine of USC and how they leveraged analytics to eliminate or alleviate those challenges and drive ROI. They outlined a number of ways that their collaboration led to optimized physician outreach and increased referral volume.

Analyzing Pain Points and Leveraging Healthcare Analytics

Christiana and April recognized the challenges many physician liaisons face, such as data fragmentation, a lack of visibility into provider referral patterns at the procedural and diagnosis level, time-consuming manual attempts to match outreach with referrals, and ineffective provider targeting. They understood the importance of utilizing analytics to streamline processes and provide actionable insights.

Through the partnership with Clarify Health, Keck Medicine was able to see accurate physician profiles with a provider’s referral and perform book of business in one place, out-of-network intelligence to target other providers in the competitive LA market, and prioritized physician lists, so the physician liaison team could grow relationships with providers who are part of the collaboration network.

A Data-Driven Healthcare Provider Campaign

When Clarify and Keck Medicine sat side-by-side, they realized that the liaisons were contacting many of the same providers. Within Clarify’s software, Keck liaisons could utilize custom reports that provided market-specific physician lists, target physicians by service line and geographic area, and community outbound referrals that could identify where outbound referrals were going and for what services. These dashboards allowed for continuous assessment and refinement of the outreach process, so liaisons and leadership could measure the impact of their outreach efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Lessons Learned & Best Practices

The first of the key lessons learned was to be very targeted in the approach. For example, April’s team identified who the right physicians were to push specific procedure codes to, knowing that they draw a lot of volume. The next lesson learned was to look at multiple data sources. Don’t isolate one data set; look at various sources and measurements to evaluate providers.

Another takeaway is ensuring data sharing. By pulling and sharing data ahead of time, there is an opportunity to shape your conversations and make a significant impact. Lastly, keep momentum by creating clear goals and narrowly targeted campaigns. Rather than having large specialty-driven campaigns, April’s teams selected specific procedural targeted campaigns and saw much success. With this data, Keck Medicine was able to go to leadership and show the physicians to target, the opportunity to be gained, and the ability to forecast growth.

This presentation demonstrated the power of leveraging analytics and strategy for effective physician outreach. By understanding pain points, utilizing comprehensive data analytics, and collaborating closely with liaisons, Keck Medicine of USC and Clarify were able to optimize physician development outreach and drive ROI. This real-life story provides a valuable example for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their physician outreach efforts and achieve growth-minded outcomes.