How health plans are leveraging rate intelligence to drive impact in 2022

Now more than ever, rate intelligence is a must-have for health plan strategy and network leaders. However, solely relying on rate intelligence is not enough. Health plans need to supplement rate intelligence with provider performance analytics to maintain market competitiveness, ensure advantageous provider negotiations, and affirm value.

Rates and performance insights are critical to assessing the value of care, but they’re not as simple to acquire as it may seem. The ability to effectively leverage rate intelligence requires a healthcare analytics engine to ingest, normalize, and analyze all that rate and performance data. With the right insights, you can improve member acquisition and retention, strengthen alignment with provider partners, and reduce the administrative burden of negotiations.

The guide, “Leveraging rate intelligence to drive impact in 2022” provides information on accelerating the network negotiation cycle and lowering claims cost through greater alignment with providers. Health plan strategy and network leaders are taking advantage of the influx of rates data to maintain a market advantage by:

  1. Leveraging rate intelligence and provider performance benchmarks to design better networks
  2. Strengthening their position in provider negotiations with competitive intelligence
  3. Attracting and retaining employer clients by demonstrating their value

Read this rate intelligence guide for health plan strategy and network leaders to learn more about how you can use rate intel to better align with your provider partners to drive higher-value care for your shared members and patients.