At Clarify, precision analytics in healthcare means end users are getting precise insights at the exact time they need them to take an action or make a decision.

In order to enable precision analytics, a few things are necessary:

  • Access to vast amounts of clean, diverse, and comprehensive data
  • A powerful machine learning engine capable of processing this data at scale
  • Intuitive and easy to understand dashboards and reports that tell a clear story for the end user

Using precision analytics, health plans, providers, and life sciences companies can enable more personalized care for patients and members, power sustainable business growth to expand their reach, and ultimately, keep populations healthier. Precision analytics are at the core of our business here at Clarify. If you are new to our self-service analytics platform, you can think of us as powering two core objectives for our customers: enabling higher-value care and strategically growing your business.

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Health plans and providers today lack the necessary insights on provider performance, healthcare market intelligence, and trends in patients needs to build high-performing provider networks. Currently, they rely on a small sliver of healthcare market data and outdated benchmarking methodologies that only compare to “average” performance, resulting in an inadequate picture of provider performance on the quality and efficiency metrics that really matter. Clarify’s self-service provider network analytics software helps payers and providers design and manage high-performing networks from day one with actionable insights into individual provider performance on cost, quality, and utilization across service lines, specialties, and geographies.

One key factor in designing a high-performing provider network that meets the needs of patients and members is referrals. You can have the best doctors in your network, but if they don’t refer to each other, care continuity, costs, and outcomes can suffer. Providers and health plans use our market-leading referral analytics software to identify opportunities to expand their network to meet the needs of patients and members, increase physician alignment, and decrease out-of-network referrals.

A third component to ensuring you are meeting the needs of your patients and members is to deeply understand your patient population. Risk scores are the basis of many care management programs, but their effectiveness is often inadequate because they have limited actionability. Today’s risk ratings rely mainly on clinical factors and forget the critical social determinants of health (SDoH) that can improve risk assessments and highlight intervention opportunities. Clarify’s population health management software delivers powerful, transparent predictions based on clinical, social, behavioral, and utilization factors that impact patients and members. Our transparent and actionable insights allow customers to address the root-causes of this risk and personalize the care for each patient who needs it.

To learn more about how the Clarify platform can help you achieve your clinical and business goals, request a personalized software demonstration.

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