Clarify Advance is a no-admin, at-risk physician incentive program proven to deliver high physician engagement and reliable medical cost reduction, saving up to $6 for every $1 of incentive paid out. Watch our latest video to learn more.

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Video Transcript: 

Healthcare payers and providers always want members to receive the highest-value, lowest-cost care. And yet, care costs continue to spiral while quality and outcomes suffer.

Attempts to curb rising costs and improve outcomes through payment innovation have made minimal progress, if any.

Until now…

With Clarify Advance, health plans can achieve meaningful reductions in medical spend by directing members to more affordable, higher-quality specialists and sites of care.

Clarify Advance is an end-to-end incentive program that saves millions in claims cost by connecting financial incentives to network decisions.

We’ve spent thousands of hours developing the behavioral economics approaches, software analytics, and coaching models to unlock the secret to lasting driving behavior change inside busy healthcare practices.

Now, we have proven, repeatable, and scalable approaches that can work in almost any market and payment arrangement.

Through Clarify Advance, physicians, care teams, and administrators are positively incentivized with personalized, salient, and timely rewards, driving lasting behavior change and significantly reducing the total cost of care.

And there’s no downside risk for participants, adding to engagement and overall satisfaction. In fact, 100% of physicians re-enroll in the program after year one.

Clarify Advance is also the only no-admin, at-risk incentive program for health plans! Clarify manages the entire program, from physician recruitment, engagement, and monitoring to payment. And as a health plan, you only pay for the value the program creates.

Without cumbersome contract management, performance monitoring, and reporting, health plans can drive value-based outcomes for members while saving on claims cost.

Today, our customers are saving up to six dollars for every dollar of incentive paid, a six-to-one return on investment.

Learn more about our hassle-free incentive program and start saving today!