Creating a better patient journey takes dedicated and innovative individuals, teams, and companies working together to influence the factors that make up each step of the journey. Everywhere we look, there are industry leaders and operators working hard to create new roadmaps to improve healthcare. At Clarify, we are lucky to work alongside these extraordinary people, and we are delighted to help tell some of their stories through our Healthcare Changemakers series.

We begin our Healthcare Changemakers video series with three industry leaders who recognized a need and rolled up their sleeves to find a solution for their community, their business, and the industry.

Designing the roadmap to better patient journeys, more affordable and accessible care, and improved experiences for all takes dedication, innovation, and collaboration. We’re delighted to play a role in sharing the inspiring stories of Healthcare Changemakers working to address challenges in healthcare head-on and provide solutions for their community, their business, and the industry as a whole.