John Muir Health (JMH) is an integrated system of doctors, hospitals, and other services in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

In 2019, they planned to launch a centralized referral service as part of their broader network management strategy. JMH’s legacy approach to service coordination was insufficient and heavily decentralized.

Clarify Referrals allowed JMH to see beyond the health system’s four walls to gain an enhanced perspective on overall market opportunities and deliver coordinators preferred provider lists by geography.

“Getting referral analytics in the hands of our operations team and our physicians during the pilot was critical to effectively establish the centralized service coordination. Clarify’s partnership allowed us to have transparency into the data, engage with the analytics, arrive at meaningful insights, and develop the right processes.”

Paul Deeringer

SVP, Strategy & Emerging Business

With the right processes and priority lists in place, the centralized service was rolled out across all regions. The JMH team plans to continue its use of Clarify Referrals to ensure the centralized service is successful operationally and financially.

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