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Whether you’re sizing the addressable market for a specific disease area or refining your pricing assumptions for a potential new asset, you need analytics that can give you on-demand, precise inputs, fast. 

That is why we created our analytics software, Clarify Portfolio, to help business development and licensing (BD&L) teams make better investment decisions. It arms you with the input needed to gauge the true value of potential partnership or explore new market opportunitiesLike all of our software products, Clarify Portfolio is built on our healthcare analytics platform. Its insights draw upon our proprietary patient-level, longitudinal health data sets that span over 300M lives of government and commercial claims, lab, prescription, and social determinants data. With Clarify Portfolio, cookie-cutter reports and clunky script data can be a thing of the past.

You’ll improve the precision of the assumptions you make on market size, future uptake, and cost of sales with higher-fidelity insights; you’ll be able to get instant answers to your business questions as they arise with our self-serve front-end, and you’ll be able to easily slicand dicdata without relying on any customization. 

Clarify Portfolio

When BD&L teams are armed with Clarify Portfolio, they have the ability to do: 

  1. Market Sizing – How many patients with a disease have a set of specific clinical criteria (i.e., are likely to meet the label)? 
  2. Patient Profiling – What clinical characteristics mark each precision cohort (e.g., unmet need, HC system touchpoints)?  
  3. Healthcare Market Segmentation – How does the target population break down in terms of geography and demographics, as well as over time? 
  4. HCP Targeting – Which types of HCPs / sites treat these patients? How many are there, and where are they located?

For a 1:1 demo of Clarify Portfolioschedule here. 

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