Clarify drives demonstrable impact


Identified unwarranted clinical variation at a large Blues plan


Reduction in forecasted medical cost at national plan


Savings PMPY for high-risk patients at large capitated physician group

Integrated and scalable product suite

Clarify Networks

Leveraging external data – including pricing and rates, provider performance insights, and referral intelligence – this product helps match patients to the right providers and care settings, optimizing networks for value, cost, and sufficiency.

Clarify Care

By delivering the most actionable case-mix adjusted insights into facility, service line, or individual physician performance, this product helps drive real improvements with strong clinical buy-in.

Clarify Risk

Match members to risk cohorts and proactively connect them with the appropriate care interventions through a deeper understanding of individual and cohort-level member needs.

Clarify Value

Accurately predict performance in value-based care programs through dynamic modeling to find optimal participation structure and manage day-to-day in-program cost.


Case Study

Improved Care Through the Accurate Prediction of Clinical Events

For Health Plans

Case Study

Driving Provider Performance in Value-Based Contracts

For Health Plans

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