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Clarify Care

How do I drive improvements across quality, cost, and utilization?

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Clarify Populations

What are the medical and social needs of my patients and what programs are best suited to address them?

Clarify Contracts

How do I streamline contract design, management, and settlement, and make financial performance transparent?

The only end-to-end value solution

The #1 value-based care software to build trusted partnerships

  • Simplify the design and modeling of value-based contracts using software to streamline management and align incentives that motivate the right behaviors

  • Connect the dots between clinical and financial performance leveraging the most trusted provider performance benchmarking methodology in the industry

  • Give providers transparency into their performance early and often during the value-based contract period via a provider portal in cloud software

  • Achieve better outcomes by assessing the medical and social needs of populations and matching them to the right care interventions instantly

  • Automate contract management and payment reconciliation with a robust digital infrastructure that boosts efficiency

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Clarify’s Value Solution

Clarify Care

By delivering the most actionable case-mix adjusted insights into facility, service line, or individual physician performance, this product helps drive real improvements with strong clinical buy-in.

Clarify Care Clarify Care
Clarify Health Clarify Populations

Clarify Populations

With predictive analytics that model risk based on individual-level clinical and socioeconomic factors, this product identifies patient risk and matches patients to care management and intervention programs that are best suited to their needs.

Clarify Contracts

By digitizing the key terms, methods, and metrics used to determine contract performance, this product is the simplest way to design better contracts, manage ongoing financial performance, and digitize settlements.

Clarify Contracts

“In value-based care, trust and transparency of data are key tenets toward making progress on shared goals. With Clarify’s insights platform, we can identify variations as they emerge, support our provider partners with granular insights, and identify opportunities to take action to ensure their success.”

Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.

“Clarify Populations provided risk stratification models that incorporated social determinants of health, not just medical histories, which was crucial for our member population.”

Head of Analytics, IFP LOB, National Health Plan

“By leveraging Clarify Contracts, our plan was able to save time and decrease administrative burden for us and our provider partners.”

SVP Performance Measurement & Improvement, National Health Plan


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