Improve network design and coverage with competitive intel

  • Explore your competitors’ networks with the ability to see their contracted providers, Star ratings, efficiency and quality metrics, and referral patterns
  • Model your networks after your competitor’s biggest strengths by copying what you like and applying it to your design with the click of a button
  • Compare your existing and model networks side-by-side to the competition, to see which network design modifications will make you more competitive
Clarify Networks Design


Be more efficient with instant access to provider performance insights

Clarify Health Networks


Optimize faster with instant predictions of real-world performance

Clarify Health Networks


Gain an advantage with instant side-by-side competitor comparisons

See Clarify Networks in action

  • Select the best providers using precise case-mix-adjusted performance benchmarks and explore competitive intelligence you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Explore and compare geographies, with visibility into competitors’ market share
  • Dynamically model provider network modifications to assess their impact on real-world performance
  • Drill down into provider-level scorecards to compare physicians by cost-efficiency and quality metrics



The analytics fueling the fast-growing Medicare Advantage plans

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How a national health plan designed and launched high-performance provider networks in 12 new markets 8x faster

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