Trusted healthcare data

Atlas brings together 15+ billion government and commercial claim records and Rx data covering 300+ million lives with 400+ factors on social determinants of health in secure, HIPAA-compliant data lakes.

Fast processing

The tech stack behind our healthcare analytics platform is able to load and process billions of claims in hours and enable the visualization of ~15 million episodes of care in a secure, cloud-based SaaS platform in seconds.

Transparent healthcare insights

We train thousands of models, cut data in countless ways, and ensure optimal case-mix adjusted predictive values to deliver clear and actionable insights.

market tracking and analytics for pharma and biotech

Powerful healthcare analytics platform

All business applications for payers, providers, and life sciences are powered by a single, modular healthcare analytics platform relying on the same core healthcare data and architecture, data science models, and delivery mechanisms. 

Proven higher ROI vs today’s standard


Increase in analyst productivity


Faster time to actionable insights


Return on investment

Meet Atlas.
The intelligence platform powering impact across healthcare.

Industry-leading healthcare analytics platform capabilities

Clarify Health Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond expected values

Our signature Blue Diamonds deliver the most precise and transparent case-mix adjusted expected values for performance at the individual patient and provider level by incorporating a vast array of clinical, operational, financial, and social factors. This enables the rapid identification of physician and patient-level care improvement opportunities.

Clarify Health Population Explorer

PrimaryPay™, a population-based payment model

PrimaryPay™ is a proven model for prospective, population-based payments. It supports payers and providers throughout the lifecycle of population-based payment with performance insights, analytics, and prioritized areas of action to engage providers and drive success.

Clarify Health SBDoH-decorated dataset

SDoH-decorated dataset

Clarify’s longitudinal, multi-year data details the complete story of a patient, including changes in health status over time. Linkage of social determinants of health (SDoH) attributes at the patient-level, versus the aggregate level, creates far greater actionability than what is currently available in the industry.

Clarify Health Next-gen care grouping technology

Next-gen care grouper technology

Clarify’s grouper technology is the most precise in the industry, because it draws upon one of the largest datasets in healthcare. It offers unparalleled flexibility that enables both episodic and total year analytics (tailored to the clinical and business context). It assesses episode or patient risk, generates provider/patient profiles, and constructs longitudinal care journeys. An existing library of over 200+ groupings can be accessed instantly.

Clarify Health User-friendly Spotlights

User-friendly Spotlights

We have built configurable dashboards known as Spotlights that support 30+ visualization types. These allow for rapid identification of the highest value areas of performance improvement as well as drill-downs into physician or patient-level data with hundreds of metrics.

Clarify Health User-friendly Spotlights

HITRUST Certified

HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year Certification validates Clarify is committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information. This achievement places Clarify in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification.

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