New tools to streamline price negotiations between healthcare payers and providers

San Francisco, CA (April 16, 2024) – Clarify Health, an award-winning healthcare data analytics platform company, is excited to announce the addition of two new market-leading capabilities to its price transparency offerings: A Negotiation Opportunity tool and Coverage Scores. For healthcare organizations grappling with the overwhelming volume, quality, and complexity of payer and hospital price transparency data, these expanded capabilities enhance Clarify’s no-code query engine to deliver previously unavailable insights and enable more effective negotiation workflows between payers and providers.

These new additions spare health organizations from sifting through vast datasets and processing terabytes of information. The Negotiation Opportunity tool helps customers quickly understand their overall pricing position relative to the market and pinpoints opportunities where they may be diverging from market rates. The Coverage Scores help users navigate the often incomplete or irregular data available to measure the completeness and quality of available price transparency data files.

“Clarify is the data and analytics engine that closes the gap between the promise of price transparency and the reality of making the data usable,” remarked Clarify Co-founder and President Todd Gottula. “With the country’s largest healthcare claims data asset covering 300M+ lives, we enrich and assess rates data using real-world charges. We are continuously building and innovating to empower healthcare organizations with actionable insights into market pricing and competitive positioning with unprecedented clarity, precision, and speed.”

Whether for competitive insights, business planning, or negotiations, Clarify equips customers with actionable data points to drive informed decision-making. Users can drill into data, get insights at a glance through custom dashboards, build reports, and even export data into existing workflows, such as contracting systems and financial modeling tools. Recently, Clarify helped a plan identify rates up to 30%-40% above market across multiple service lines and codes with a single hospital system, empowering the plan to rectify inefficiencies and optimize costs.

Clarify’s unique approach to making sense of price transparency data delivers value to healthcare organizations struggling to use published data strategically.

The industry analyst firm, Gartner®, has recognized Clarify three times for its price transparency capabilities. In February, Clarify was cited in the 2024 Gartner “Quick Answer: How Can U.S. Healthcare CIOs Increase Retention With Price Transparency?” In its report, Gartner recommends healthcare organizations “leverage this data to derive better patient cost estimates, create a competitive advantage, and strengthen the healthcare organization’s patient acquisition and retention position through trust and transparency.” Clarify Health was also included in the 2023 Gartner “Quick Answer: U.S. Healthcare CIOs Use Price Transparency Data to Improve Business Outcomes.” Last summer, in the “Gartner Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2023,” Clarify was included in the Price Transparency Analytics category.

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Clarify Health is an enterprise data and analytics platform company that enables providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations to improve healthcare access, affordability, and outcomes. Clarify translates one of the largest healthcare datasets into actionable insights to incentivize and engage providers, optimize their performance, and contain cost. Clarify’s solutions are built on the Clarify Atlas Platform which maps 300M+ patient journeys to deliver 18B+ AI-powered predictions and surface insights with speed and precision. These insights illuminate opportunities to drive growth, optimize provider networks, guide better healthcare pathways, and maximize value-based care performance.

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