Clarify’s core philosophy is that, in order to drive improvement and push towards value, clinicians have to be central to the journey. Most clinical performance assessment approaches traditionally used by health systems to reduce cost and improve quality have failed to drive impact due to a combination of outdated information, lack of robust case-mix-adjustment, black box benchmarking methods, static pdf-based reporting with no ability to test or validate the underlying data, and generic metrics that do not deliver practice-specific actionable insights.

As a result, myths and flawed orthodoxies about the futility of clinical performance analytics have emerged that are diametrically opposed to the lessons on how analytics can drive success learned from other industries. When clinicians feel that their patients’ complexity is not reflected in the benchmarks that provided, they ignore performance reports lacking a properly case-mix-adjusted or a poorly explained benchmark. Consequently, many administrators are of the opinion that clinicians are averse to change and that reporting alone will not influence behavior.

Meanwhile, other industries have made massive leaps forward in delighting their customers with new business models informed by insights only available through big data analytics, delivered through autonomous reports and dashboards.

Leveraging AI and machine learning foundations from other sectors

Clarify solves this need through the Prism platform that leverages big healthcare data and analytics and is designed specifically to address these mythologies. Many industries have utilized information, AI, and machine learning to deliver insights that improve quality, lower costs, and drive efficiency.

The power of such technologies has yet to be utilized effectively to deliver similar results in healthcare and most importantly, improve patient outcomes. Clarify’s approach is built on the same foundations used by leading banks, consumer, and logistics companies, coupled with the unique nature and context of healthcare. Clarify’s platform has been purposely built to help position clinicians at the center of a customer-driven healthcare system by delivering precise case-mix adjustments delivered in a manner that drives true transparency.

This philosophy and approach enable the best quality care to be delivered to those who matter most, patients.

Creating greater trust with useful insights

Clarify, at its core, delivers insights and benchmarks around cost and quality that are fair and useful. This is achieved by drilling down to the individual physician and patient cohorts, an approach called Precision Cohorting. This approach provides clinicians and providers with a level of granularity that reveals actionable insights, relatable data points, and, over time, a comprehensive view of a patient’s journey that is bespoke and specific to them rather than an ambiguous average that does not apply to their panel population.

This benchmark or expected value are called “Blue Diamonds” in the analyses. They deliver the timely, trusted, personalized insights that cut through the noise and immediately suggest the areas for improvement. Powering these diamonds requires large datasets and complex data science techniques.

For every single one of our Blue Diamonds, we enable the clinician to see all the different factors and weightings that go into the creation of that value. The level of transparency creates trust with clinicians as they are no longer being compared to a “black box”.

Fundamentally, Clarify’s derived insights are more useful to clinicians because they predict expected values at the patient level. This enables the creation of cohorts of patients that are matched precisely to the clinician’s own, so they are compared nationally, and like for like. This creates trust with clinicians because their patients are no longer different.

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clarifyadmin Administrator