Realizing the promise of big data in healthcare rests on the ability to effectively distill meaning from traditionally fractured, in-consumable data sources. It is only with fair and trusted performance benchmarking that provider organizations and health plans will truly move the needle in achieving their goals for cost and quality optimization.

To address the challenges of incumbent models, Clarify created a differentiated approach to provider performance benchmarking that takes into account case mix, including the SDoH factors impacting patients on each physician’s panel. 

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Fair, transparent provider benchmarking

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Precise modeling using machine learning

Instead of cohort-based approaches, we use generalized linear models which look at each individual provider’s panel and the values associated with their unique patients.

Dynamic benchmarking and custom care groupings

Because of the speed and precision of our machine learning platform, Clarify allows for flexible interrogation and drill-down within any category, including the ability to change the comparator dataset on the fly.

Inclusion of comprehensive case-mix / severity-adjustment factors

These include demographics, clinical diagnoses and SDoH drawn from the largest patient-level dataset on the market.

Not a black box

Clarify’s transparent benchmarking methodology produces the industry’s most trusted insights for designing and managing value based contracts.

Awards and recognition

Clarify's benchmarking differentiators

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