Clarify Referrals, referral analytics software for hospitals

Clarify Referrals

How can I increase physician alignment to grow volume?

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Clarify Markets

What are my best opportunities to protect and capture market share?

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Clarify Rates

How can I quantitatively prove my value to payers to validate my rates?

Clarify Care for Payers

Clarify Care

How do I find the best opportunities to reduce unwarranted clinical variation?

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Clarify Networks

How do I precisely and efficiently optimize the performance of my provider networks?

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Clarify Populations

What are the medical and social needs of my members and what programs are best suited to address them?

Clarify drives demonstrable impact


Reduction in out-of-network referrals at large health system


Cost avoidance at ACO by recommending optimal participation structure


Addressable savings at large multi-hospital system

Integrated and intuitive product suite

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Clarify Care

By delivering the most actionable case-mix adjusted insights into unwarranted physician performance variation, Clarify Care surfaces opportunities to improve performance at the facility, service line, and physician level.

Clarify Markets

Growing health system revenue requires a winning strategy. This cloud-based analytics software instantly pinpoints your biggest areas of opportunity to protect and capture market share. It gives your strategy team robust insight into competitive intelligence, consumer behaviors, and physician performance across your entire market so you know where to invest and divest.

Clarify Health Markets
Clarify Networks

Clarify Networks

Whether you are designing a new provider network, modifying an existing network, or managing ongoing performance, Clarify Networks offers the most efficient and precise way to optimize your clinical networks. This provider network analytics software product allows you to dynamically select and modify geographic parameters, PCPs, specialists, and facilities, and instantly predict real-world performance.

Clarify Populations

With predictive analytics that model risk based on individual-level clinical and socioeconomic factors, this product identifies member risk and matches members to care management and intervention programs that are best suited to their needs.

Clarify Networks
Clarify Health Rates

Clarify Rates

Arm your payer negotiations team with competitive rate intelligence and quantitative proof of the value you deliver. This cloud-based software is the only product that lets you instantly compare inpatient, outpatient, and professional rates across all the providers in your market and prove your value to payers on a total cost of care basis.

Clarify Referrals

By analyzing physician referral data using market-specific referral logic, this product helps health systems identify physicians, service lines, and procedures driving revenue in- and out-of-network. With actionable intelligence, you will be able to focus on opportunities to improve physician alignment and strengthen network integrity.

Clarify Health Referrals

Meet the provider growth solution

  • Get timely and precise insights into market trends, consumer demands, and rate benchmarks

  • Grow market share, make optimal investment decisions, ensure success in value-based contracts, and lock in the rates you deserve


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