Clarify drives demonstrable impact


Reduction in out-of-network referrals at large health system


Cost avoidance at ACO by recommending optimal participation structure


Addressable savings at large multi-hospital system

Integrated and intuitive product suite

Clarify Networks

By leveraging external data including pricing and rates, provider performance insights, and referral intelligence, this product helps maximize hospital revenue, match patients to the right providers and care settings, and optimize networks for value, cost, and sufficiency.

Clarify Care

By delivering the most actionable case-mix adjusted insights into facility, service line, or individual physician performance, this product helps drive real improvements with strong clinical buy-in.

Clarify Risk

Deliver personalized care through a better understanding of individual and cohort-level patient needs through insights derived from vast longitudinal data sets, including social-behavioral data and precision risk-stratification.

Clarify Value

Accurate and timely analytics help providers best position themselves for success in value-based programs (e.g., ACOs) by predicting performance and recommending the most favorable participation structure.


Case Study

ACO Success Through Better Performance and Operational Intelligence

For Health Systems, Physicians & ACOs

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Closing the Data Gap in Healthcare with Enterprise Analytics

For Healthcare Providers, Health Plans & Life Sciences

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