What is your position at Clarify and what do you do?
As a Senior Data Engineer on the Platform team, I am responsible for our big data and machine learning core platform infrastructure, which is built on apache spark. One of the key areas of focus is to help the team be as efficient and productive as they can be by building internal tooling in our infrastructure. Another key focus area is helping with performance tuning of spark jobs ingesting terabytes of data. My work cuts across the entire team ETL, Modeling & analytics infrastructure, and I am glad to be working with such talented pool of engineers.

What excites you most about Clarify?
It’s two fold, our mission to improve healthcare and that we never back down from a challenge or change.

How did you hear about Clarify/How did you get here?
I was originally recruited here through an external agency, but after talking with the team and meeting them in person, I was convinced I could see myself succeeding here.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?
The autonomy and trust with which the team operates is amazing – it is great for both the team and personal skill development.

What project have you worked on here that you’re most proud of?
In the past year, I have been part of a major re-architecture of our core platform from ground up which was pretty exciting to be a part of and during that time the team has done incredibly well to learn and deliver at the same time with a faster pace with a common goal of delivering actionable insights to our customers.

If you weren’t working at Clarify or in healthcare / technology in general, what would you be doing?
If I weren’t into technology, I would have pursued my lesser interest of cooking to apply the same amount of problem solving and skill.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Few years back as a tourist in New York, I decide to enjoy the city on foot, so I started from Washington heights on Thursday and visited every (tourist) spot in between during the day and staying in a hotel closest to where I was so I can continue the next day all the way to Staten island (of course took a ferry for that) on Monday.

What’s your favorite app?

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?
Not much of a traveler, but I am born in place with a lot of historic importance, so I’ll say Rajasthan, India

Salty or sweet?

Favorite book, movie, and musician/band?
Book: 1984
Movie: The Godfather trilogy
Musician: AR Rehman