Reduce medical spend.

Incentivize the right behaviors to drive more efficient care.

“This program is such a better, forward-thinking approach to engaging and working with physicians–rewarding us vs. constantly penalizing us.”

Primary Care Physician

Regional Health Plan

Give your provider partners the insights and incentives they need to improve member outcomes, drive greater efficiency, and lower care costs.


ROI on every $1 incentive dollar spent


NPS for physicians enrolled


average earned per physician

The core benefit we’ve realized is having an objective ability to help our customers understand, see, evaluate and analyze value-based care arrangements for their population. This is allowing us to customize networks, evaluate network offerings, understand the opportunity for provider steerage, create value-based referral lists, and so much more.”

Customer review on G2

We’ve reduced primary care visits and improved quality, which is a reflection of the flexibility that this payment model afforded primary care providers. They are focused on delivering the best possible care, not on driving a high number of office visits.”

VP, Network Strategy

Regional Health Plan

Clarify Health has been a tremendous partner and offers an intuitive analytic tool with robust statistical methodologies that will enable us to evaluate providers and drive improvement in efficiency, quality, and appropriateness.”

Changemakers, let's work together

Changemakers, let’s work together

Accelerate transformation, drive growth, and adopt innovative payment models confidently with the industry’s most trusted healthcare analytics platform, mapping over 300 million real-world patient journeys with machine-learning precision.