Engagement that just works.

Drive impact by guiding members to more affordable and higher-quality sites of care and specialists.

“The program has helped us save our patients thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. The fact that Clarify runs the program seamlessly means I am not tied up in administrative work, have easy access to a personalized list of options, and can spend more time with my patients. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Filippo Chillemi, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Elective Procedures Program Participant

Increase savings, preferred provider utilization, and build trust with transparent, personalized engagement.


$6 in savings generated for every $1 incentive spent


improvement in high-value referrals by PCPs


re-enrollment rate of participants year over year


average earned per physician

Because of [Advance], we are now more conscious of patient out-of-pocket expenses.”


Clarify Advance, Atlanta

The more we see the numbers, the more helpful it is to change our patterns, especially for patients who are not as financially stable.”


Clarify Advance, Denver

This program is such a better forward-thinking approach to engaging and working with physicians – rewarding us vs. constantly penalizing us.”


Clarify Advance, Dallas

Changemakers, let’s work together

There is one physician incentive program that rises above all others. Join your peers in adopting Clarify Advance, a fully managed, at-risk physician incentive program proven to deliver high physician engagement and fast medical cost reduction: up to $6 of savings for every $1 of incentive paid out.