6 CMS Direct Contracting Questions Answered

Last Monday, CMS released the long-awaited details on its Direct Contracting program, its most advanced risk-sharing arrangement to-date. Below is an overview of Direct Contracting, it’s rationale, challenges, and what it means for the market. 1. What is Direct Contracting? CMS’ most advanced risk-sharing program yet – ACOs take risk [...]

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Direct Contracting: CMS takes its next bold step in value-based care, but the clock is ticking

After months of waiting, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) released details on the Direct Contracting Payment model options on Monday via a Request for Application. The 100-page document tells us many details about the model but leaves several key questions unanswered. Below, we share a summary and first reactions. We’ll be [...]

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CMS’ New Medicare Payment Models: What ACOs Need to Know

With a refreshed menu of Medicare payment models, CMS has now directly answered the question that’s been on the collective minds of all ACOs (and vendors) for a couple of years: What will be the way of the future in population health? CMS overhauled the Medicare Shared Savings Program in [...]

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Part I: CMS’ New Payment Models: The Basics

Late last year, CMS overhauled the Medicare Shared Savings Program, re-branding it as “Pathways to Success” and re-designed with a pre-determined path toward downside risk for Medicare ACOs. This spring, CMS followed by unveiling five new payment models with the most advanced opportunities for risk-sharing to date. After a long [...]

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