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Combined technologies strengthen Clarify’s leadership, creating the most comprehensive end-to-end value-based payments solution

Clarify Health, a leading cloud analytics and value-based payments platform company, announced today the acquisition of Embedded Healthcare, a behavior change platform company created by healthcare leaders Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Dr. Amol Navathe, and Dr. Simeon Schwartz. Embedded Healthcare reduces the cost of care for patients by helping clinicians practice more affordably. Its state-of-the-art behavioral science platform delivers data and incentives to the point of care and simplifies the design, implementation, and performance of value-based contracts.

As Clarify continues to drive healthcare toward value-based payment innovation, there is a need for more transparent analytics, more precision in understanding patients’ needs, and an increased ability to appropriately reward providers for the quality and outcomes they deliver. Clarify is at the forefront of value-based payment analytics, having created a platform that marries clinical performance analytics and real-world patient journey insights with financial adjudication and settlement technology. The combination of Embedded’s cutting-edge behavioral science platform with Clarify’s unified Value Solution will increase provider engagement and incentivize behavioral changes, critical for improving payer-provider collaboration and scaling the adoption of value-based payment models to improve healthcare outcomes and create savings.

Embedded Healthcare was spun out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Healthcare Transformation Institute, drawing on years of evidence-based research in behavioral economics and design. By using targeted data and incentives to guide behaviors, Embedded’s platform is proven to deliver value for all stakeholders — especially patients. In a recent study of Embedded’s effect on physician behaviors, the platform was proven to change 10% of physicians’ decisions in under nine months. Those physicians selected higher-value sites of care for elective procedures, reducing the cost of care by tens of thousands of dollars per physician.

“Behavior change is often the last mile to driving lasting impact in care models. Our health plan and value-based customers’ needs are increasingly complex, driven by intricate analytics requirements across multiple provider contract types. With the addition of Embedded Healthcare, we further deliver on our promise of being the most trusted value-based payments platform. Together, we can affect the mindset and transformation on the ground so that care is delivered and paid for in a better way,” said Jean Drouin, MD, CEO, Clarify Health.

“Clarify and Embedded Healthcare complement each other in a way that will help the industry achieve higher quality healthcare. Clarify’s insights identify opportunities for value across the delivery system, and Embedded has created the incentive framework and behavioral nudges that drive change into the daily decisions of providers, regardless of what payment models they’re in today. Combined, we bring to market unique capabilities and analytics that will accelerate high-value clinical behavior, reframe a positive payer-provider relationship, and displace ineffective models,” said Keith Florance, President of Embedded Healthcare, who will be joining the Clarify team as SVP of Payer Solutions.

Over the past year, Clarify has made significant and strategic investments to build its technology and cement its leadership in value-based care. Clarify Health’s acquisition of Apervita’s Value Optimization business in October 2021 brought the technology and capability to digitize historical and future contracts. Now, with the acquisition of Embedded Healthcare, coupled with its industry-trusted provider performance insights, Clarify can drive engagement and behavior change to reduce costs, improve quality, and catalyze value-based transformation.

“Our leading health plan customers already trust us for the insights needed to deliver better care. This deal reaffirms our commitment to combining healthcare expertise with the latest technologies to create ground-breaking solutions. We are delighted by the synergy between Embedded and Clarify, which will unleash a dominant end-to-end value-based care platform,” added Todd Gottula, President, Clarify Health.

“We are excited to bring Embedded Healthcare’s tip-of-the-spear, proven solutions that improve the cost-efficiency of medical practice with Clarify’s vast data and analytics platform. This brings a comprehensive solution to payers to deliver better value for patients, physicians, and payers alike,” said Amol Navathe, MD, Ph.D., Co-founder of Embedded Healthcare, faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, and Commissioner of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

The entire Embedded Healthcare team is joining Clarify Health. Ezekiel Emanuel, Amol Navathe, and Simeon Schwartz will remain closely involved as strategic advisors.

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