An integrated, advanced platform to power demonstrable impact

Health plans and health systems leverage our market-leading and transparent performance insights to improve quality and revenue at the individual physician, service line, or the health system level.

By providing a comprehensive view of referral patterns and precise case-mix adjusted physician performance, Clarify enables customers to identify high-value providers to include in-network and match patients to the best care.

Health plans, health systems, and physician groups leverage predictive risk models with robust social and behavioral data to stratify populations, accurately predict medical spend for specific cohorts, and connect those cohorts to appropriate care.

Accurate and timely insights help providers position themselves for success in value-based programs by evaluating performance, surfacing the most favorable participation 
structure, and tracking and managing performance over time.

Achieve commercial success by leveraging longitudinal real-world data, automated metrics, and socio-behavioral determinants of health to segment and engage patients and physicians.

Uncover enhanced insights to answer critical clinical, operational, and strategic business questions by leveraging our multi-disciplinary team of experts, large data assets, and advanced analytics.

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