What is your position at Clarify and what do you do?
As Chief of Staff I am responsible for helping the leadership team be most effective and efficient in delivering on Clarify’s mission. While there are a set of areas that I tend to manage day-to-day, a large component of the role involves leading specific initiatives as they arise, often ranging from product strategy, to FP&A, marketing, partnerships, pricing, or even people topics. Day-to-day I tend to focus on financing, investor relations, and coordination of our activities with external stakeholders i.e., the Board of Directors and Advisors.

What excites you most about Clarify?
That we maintain a focus on putting patients and their providers first in everything we do.

How did you hear about Clarify/How did you get here?
I was recruited here by an external agency. That is a boring answer, but my interviewer was surprisingly one of my best friend’s former roommates who I just-so-happened to never cross paths with when I visited their place (at the time they were living together).

What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?
The fluidity of the role works really well for my brain. I do best when switching between tasks and while I don’t think it is a working style everyone would appreciate, it keeps things fun and engaging for me personally.

What project have you worked on here that you’re most proud of?
Good question! Last year I spent a lot of time working with the leadership team across functions to solidify and roll out our product strategy. This involved working with multiple stakeholders, incorporating feedback from our customers, getting to know the market and our capabilities, and then working together to determine the ideal organization to get the work done and communicate that across the team and relevant external stakeholders. It was a complex process that was an important part of setting us up for success at Clarify in terms of meeting our near-term goals and achieving our longer-term mission.

If you weren’t working at Clarify or in healthcare / technology in general, what would you be doing?
I would definitely be trying to operate a restaurant of some sort. I know it’s extremely difficult to find success in the industry, but I think there’s a huge gap of Tanzanian (my home country) food in the U.S., which is absolutely delicious. I would probably start by opening a mandazi shop, and subsequently expand to including chapati burritos (just invented the concept right now!).

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I love cars more than most things

What’s your favorite app?
Pixelmator Photo right now

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?
Coolest – definitely Barcelona. But I can’t wait until you ask me what the “best” place I’ve ever traveled to is.

Salty or sweet?
Salty and sweet? Salted caramel pecan squares are to die for.

Favorite book, movie, and musician/band?
Book: The Color of Law (recent fave)
Movie: Love Actually (long term fave)
Musician: Drake