Drive product adoption with better HCP segmentation

  • Accelerate sales by pinpointing NPI-level engagement opportunities and track performance against market events
  • Drive product adoption with precise prioritization of HCP targets and tailor messaging based on real-world behavioral insights
  • Identify high-value HCPs by configuring therapy-specific criteria, real-world treatment, and switching behaviors that integrate complexities of care delivery and referral patterns

Watch Clarify Segments in action

  • Your brand teams can instantly identify high-value individual HCPs and HCP segments with our on-demand software Clarify Segments

  • Learn how you can accelerate your product’s adoption by using software that ranks HCPs more precisely than traditional decile ranking

  • Understand more about how to access and leverage SDoH insights, which also provide a non-clinical view of an HCPs patient population to support a more tailored detailing approach from your reps


Case Study

Genetic testing company expects $35M revenue growth in year one with precise, real-world HCP insights

For Life Sciences


Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Karius, and FibroGen discuss novel use cases for precision analytics

For Life Sciences

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