One Team, One Mission


The Team

I’m inspired by the amazing clinicians, patients, leaders, partners and teammates who are rallying to make the healthcare we all deserve a reality.

Jean Drouin, MD

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

I loved medical school and caring for patients. I ultimately chose not to practice, partly because of the dysfunction I encountered. What was meant to be a short stint in consulting at McKinsey turned into 15 years working on improving care and quality at over 100 health systems in 20 countries.

Prior to Clarify, I founded and led McKinsey Healthcare Analytics. I also helped set up England’s hospital regulator and served as the Head of Strategy for NHS London. Those experiences gave me the hope and conviction that with the right technology and incentives, we can create a different reality for clinicians, patients and those who care for them.

I hold an MD and MBA from Stanford University and an AB in Molecular Biology from Princeton.

I fundamentally believe that through the deployment of technology and expertise we can make the lives of patients and those that care for them truly better.

Todd Gottula

Founder, President & Chief Product Officer

Prior to founding Clarify Health, I was the EVP and CTO at Advent Software, a $3B public company, where I led cutting-edge development efforts from ideation through revenue generation, serving as the critical bridge between business and engineering. Outside of the office, I spend my time with my incredibly supportive wife and daughter. I hold a BS in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

I am thrilled to join Clarify Health to build solutions for capturing and surfacing real world evidence across siloed stakeholders.

Kara Dennis

SVP, GM Life Sciences

As SVP and GM of Life Sciences, Kara is responsible for spearheading the Company’s new business division, leading the development of new offerings to provide insight for biopharmaceutical companies as they develop and market new therapies and treatments.

Prior to Clarify, I was Managing Director of Mobile Health at Medidata Solutions, an industry-leading provider of SaaS solutions to the Life Sciences R&D industry. I led the creation of a comprehensive offering in mobile health, secured charter clients for offering development and launch, and built up a team to deliver and scale the offering. My BU lead the acquisition of a complementary cloud software company in 2017, and my client base grew to encompass several top-10 pharmaceutical companies and over a dozen in the top 50, in addition to biotech and medical device organizations.

Before Medidata, I spent four years in McKinsey’s healthcare practice, and subsequently worked in corporate development for Ikaria, a private-equity backed biotech since acquired by Mallinckrodt.

I have spoken widely on patient engagement in clinical trials and the use of wearables to gather objective clinical data, including at SXSW, DIA (Drug Industry Association), Disruptive Innovations in Pharma, Mobile Clinical Trials Congress, and Data Quality & Technology in Clinical Trials. I have been interviewed by Bloomberg, NPR, Clinical Leader, The Street, MobiHealthNews, Applied Clinical Trials, PharmaVOICE, Pharmaceutical Technology, International Clinical Trials, and many other publications, and I recorded a Tech Tonics podcast in 2016. I was named to the PharmaVOICE 100 in 2015 and was highlighted as a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Rising Star that same year. I hold an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale University.

I joined Clarify to see what is possible when you apply technology solutions to healthcare.

Justin Warner

Chief Technology Officer

Justin has been with Clarify since 2015 as a member of the founding team. Since our early days, Justin has helped to steer the technical vision of the company.

Justin has more than 15 years of experience leading product development teams and overseeing design, architecture, feature development, testing, and deployment. Since joining Clarify, his hard work and dedication have been critical to the realization of our technical innovations. Furthermore, as Clarify continues to push for solutions that improve how healthcare organizations care for patients and manage their operations, Justin’s input and leadership have pushed us to achieve the highest levels of reliability, speed, and scale.

My passion is solving very complex problems, and the healthcare industry has no shortage of complex problems.

At Clarify, I am responsible for all things related to our product’s user interface, including design, development, testing, and deployment of our mobile and web applications.

Prior to joining Clarify, I spent 13 years at Advent Software, leading several product development teams, overseeing design, architecture, feature development, testing and deployment. As VP of Engineering and Software Development, I was responsible for the development of Advent’s cloud-deployed solutions.

Being part of a great team focused on fixing one of the country’s biggest problems

Erik Talvola

Chief Data Officer

Erik leads Clarify’s Data Engineering Team. As one of the Founders of Clarify and the leader of our Care Prism engineering team since day one, Erik’s efforts have been integral to our bringing the best of financial services technology to healthcare. His work has enabled one of the most unique data architectures in the industry along with so many other aspects of Care Prism’s core functionality.

Before Clarify, Erik’s work spanned multiple industries from financial services to technology, and he has led many development and technical teams to create award-winning products and solutions at Advent and beyond. Since joining Clarify, his input has been critical to the realization of our aspirations to lead the health care industry in generating unique insights from data. Erik and his teams not only helped to define Clarify’s original data architecture, but he continues to refine our ability to rapidly integrate new data sets that enable our delivery of world-class solutions to Clarify’s customers.

After graduating from Cal (Go Bears!), I joined a public safety software firm, and the experience seeing software used to save lives focused career-long principles around the importance of user-centered design and quality when building software. Wanting a chance to branch out to different industries, I joined Sapient as a senior architect working with clients in financial services, consumer products, wine, and technology. I moved to Advent Software to focus on enterprise financial services, again pushing quality initiatives as part of the engineering leadership team. Clarify has been a chance to go back to my career beginnings in helping people with software as well as working with new and old friends.

If I wasn’t working? I’d be getting lost in Venice while reading Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

I am inspired by our colleagues and customers who are trying to make a difference in healthcare delivery.

Doug Yokoyama

Chief Information Officer / Chief Information Security Officer

As Clarify’s CIO and CISO, Doug oversees all aspects of our data, data science, data security, and information technology leveraging best-in-class protocols and advanced technologies from a variety of industries to bring the highest levels of fidelity and security to our operations.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Doug has a proven track record for building scalable technology solutions that deliver operational effectiveness and impact for customers. Prior to joining Clarify Health, he was the senior vice president and CIO of Advent Software, a leader in automated portfolio accounting for investment management firms. As the CIO, he led the product development, IT, and data services teams. During his tenure at Advent, Doug designed and built the most widely used buy-side trade order management platform as well as an international outsourcing system, developing all the necessary security controls and processes. Advent grew to service customers in 60 countries and over $18 trillion in assets before being acquired for $2.7B in 2015.

In an industry that is ready to take full advantage of today’s modern technologies and perspectives, reshaping patient-centric care is becoming a reality. Being surrounded by medical and technical professionals provides an endless stream of innovative ideas.

Throughout my career I have sought to bring people together to help create scalable solutions. Helping to lead data solutions and IT at Clarify is a dream come true.


Imran Qureshi

Chief Data Science Officer

Imran is the Chief Data Science Officer at Clarify Health where he oversees the data acquisition, data engineering and data science teams. Previously Imran was the Chief Software Development Officer at Health Catalyst where he was responsible for the software development in the company including leading the engineering team building the Data Operating System (DOS). Before Health Catalyst, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Acupera where he led the team that built the care management platform that was successfully implemented in Ascension, Montefiore, Kaiser, and other health systems. Prior to that, Imran was VP of Engineering at CareAnyware, where he led development of the largest cloud-based EHR for Home Health and Hospice. He also spent 12 years at Microsoft, including building the slideshow part of PowerPoint and building the email experience for Hotmail. He holds several patents and has a Computer Science degree from Stanford University. Imran lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Elsie, and 13-year-old twins, Zane and Malaya. He has only recently gotten comfortable with being the least smart person in the family.

We have the opportunity to transform healthcare delivery, making it more effective and efficient

Sarah Chen, MD

While in medical school, I learned firsthand that providing the best care possible can often be challenging and frustrating for patients and providers alike. Wanting to learn more about why that is and how we can do better, I joined McKinsey. Over the next four years, I served clients across the healthcare industry and learned just how complex the US healthcare system is. With the belief that we can do better through technology, I jumped at the opportunity to join Clarify.

Three words your colleagues would use to describe you? Clarify’s Tiger Mom

Education: MD from the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; BA in Anthropology and Biology from Washington University in St. Louis

Upon hearing Clarify’s mission I immediately knew it was a story I wanted to help tell.

Kendall Reischl

Upon hearing Clarify’s mission I immediately knew it was a story I wanted to help tell. I’m passionate about creating experiences that engage, motivate, and ultimately bring a brand’s story to life. I’m a writer, marketer, and content strategist with nearly a decade of experience working with technology companies such as Advent Software, HP, HGST, and LinkedIn.

Outside the office I’m loving every moment of being a new mom. You can find my family hiking and biking around the Bay Area and traveling every chance we get.

I am excited to be part of an All-star team serving a noble market with real purpose.

Joey Li

I have over 10 years of development experience. Prior to joining Clarify Health, I served at Advent as a development team lead. Outside of the office, football and family mean everything to me. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management and Information System from ZUEL.

I am inspired by Clarify's focus on improving the lives of patients, caregivers, and care teams. And our amazing team!

Josh Loehrer

Before joining Clarify, I spent 7 years in consulting, including 5 years at McKinsey. I worked closely with clients to develop high-level strategies, improve operations, and drive the change management efforts required to achieve results. I have an AB from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Making a real dent in healthcare.

Emmet Sun

For my family, we’ve been fortunate to receive wonderful healthcare. But my family’s experience highlighted the frustrating lack of digital tools for patients and providers. So, I was excited to bring into healthcare some of what I learned in financial services, where technology innovation has such a big impact.

I have the fortune to work with a driven, talented team of genuinely good people aligned toward solving truly meaningful problem!

Sam Bauknight

I hold a BS in Engineering and Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology, but have spent much of my career developing trading and operations management solutions for the financial industry. Outside of work, life is pretty simple. Great friends, great food, and great wine are all I need!

I am inspired to enable patients to actively participate in their care with knowledge & confidence using digitally coordinated care.

Mary Bond

As a Registered Nurse, my 30+ year career started in Surgery, specializing in Orthopedics, or what I would call my passion for superior nursing care coupled with “Erector Set Nursing”.  I spent 8 years as Chief Nursing Officer for an acute care facility in the SF Bay area before joining Clarify. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Arizona State University and my MBA from University of Phoenix.

Working at Clarify has given me the opportunity to work with a team of engineers, statisticians and healthcare professionals that are at the top of their game.

Adam Rogow

I have been working closely with our healthcare experts and transforming real world needs into a data model and a user experience designed to help transform the ease in which healthcare professionals and patients can work at a common goal.

I worked 18 years at Advent Software doing hands-on coding and managing large teams working on many different technical platforms.

I believe Clarify will play a critical role in supporting and aligning stakeholders under value-based care.

Hannah Bayer

Prior to joining Clarify, I spent eight years in healthcare consulting where I worked with provider clients to optimize their contracting, reimbursement strategies, and financial operations. I learned firsthand just how complex our healthcare system is, and witnessed how misaligned incentives discourage improvement and innovation. I wanted to use my knowledge of healthcare economics to create a better patient and physician experience. I joined Clarify because our healthcare system demands more aligned financial incentives, and I believe Clarify plays a crucial role in solving this problem.

I'm inspired by the opportunity to power change in an industry aching for disruption.

Neechi Mosha, MD

It didn’t take many hours of hunting down paper charts in medical school to realize that I was destined to spend at least part of my career in healthcare technology. What began as a frustration with a disconnected and fragmented healthcare system, ultimately led me to shift career trajectories.

At OnPulse, I whetted this appetite and worked with the team to create an online, patient-centered medical record. I then spent a few years at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) working with health systems, academic medical centers, health insurers, and manufacturers to ultimately drive improved care for patients across the US. I’m excited to return to healthcare technology at Clarify, working to meet the needs of our partners and customers and steering Clarify’s product strategy.

I hold an MD from DukeMed, an MBA from MIT Sloan, and a BA in Biology from Harvard.

Making the world a healthier more predictable place and the people I work with inspire me. 

Raymond Chan

I worked for Advent Software in SF and Asia. While abroad I learned how lucky we are to have access to amazing medical services. Yet our system is far from perfect because while we have the means to provide the best care I have experienced firsthand the uncertainly and lack of insight we receive as patients. When I learned that Clarify was changing the way we engage and treat patients I knew this was right place for me.

I joined Clarify to help lead the data revolution in healthcare: harnessing digitized health data and real-time analytics to empower clinicians in improving care

Adam Travis, MD

I work closely with our provider and payer partners to implement and customize our solutions, and advise on how to use our tools to identify opportunities to create more value for both patients and our partners. I began my career as a physician, training to be a radiologist and briefly practicing, which oriented me to the abundant challenges and opportunities in improving our health care system. Not long after completing residency, I then spent 4 years at The Boston Consulting Group advising clients across the health care industry on value-based care strategy, which ultimately inspired me to take a more direct role in advancing value-based care at Clarify.

I am inspired by the individuals at Clarify who changed career paths to work for a positive mission

Jeffrey Larson

After working for five years as a trader for a hedge fund in New York City, I took a step back and reevaluated. I moved to San Francisco, where I sharpened my technical skillset and found a more meaningful opportunity in Clarify to work with data where the bottom line was more than something with a dollar sign.

I love working at Clarify because it’s a great opportunity to use technology to improve the interactions, customization, and efficiency with which healthcare is delivered.

Yale Wang

Here at Clarify, I’ve built a workflow engine that helps care coordinators and their patients manage their day-to-day tasks and interactions to deliver optimal outcomes.
I’m also working on data aggregators and machine learning automation to ensure we always have the latest and most accurate data with which to make predictions or recommendations.
I have over 20 years of experience designing and building enterprise software for complicated industries including insurance, finance, and healthcare. Most of my projects have involved highly customizable and flexible workflow systems or data analysis.

I am inspired by the opportunity to use technology and data to empower caregivers to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Jegar Jasani, MD

At Clarify I work with health systems and physicians to use our solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Prior to Clarify I began my career as a physician trained in internal medicine and then as a consultant at McKinsey & Company where I served clients across healthcare in the provider, payor, pharma and health IT sectors. After developing a passion for using technology to improve value in healthcare I was excited to join Clarify to further this mission.

I'm inspired by Clarify's ability to impact every layer of healthcare with technology, while unlocking opportunities to improve both patient outcomes and medical costs.

Stephanie Wels

Here at Clarify, I work in both product development and clinical transformation- joining forces to bring powerful insights and dramatic change to healthcare.
This comes after nearly four years at McKinsey, where I focused exclusively on healthcare analytics and designing episodes of care with data-driven strategies. I hold an MHS in Health Economics from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a BS in Economics from Florida State University. Outside of Clarify, you can find me on my yoga mat as I become a certified teacher, or lacing up my running shoes to explore San Francisco’s trails.

I am very fortunate to have joined a team of professionals that are this driven, passionate and energetic about changing the landscape of healthcare as we know it.

Brittany Sipp

I am very fortunate to have joined a team of professionals that are this driven, passionate and energetic about changing the landscape of healthcare as we know it through technology. The vibe is contagious! As Office & Events Manager or “Fixer”, at Clarify, it brings me joy to keep my fellow team mates happy and our offices running smoothly behind the scenes.

I am a Creative but not in the technical sense; I have a BA in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Clark Atlanta University. Outside of the office, I occupy my time designing footwear, attending music concerts and being a PANK (Proud Aunt No Kids).

Making a real difference to people going through a difficult experience with medical care.

Brian Andersen

In my working life, I have always looked for work that will challenge me to solve difficult problems, ranging from financial systems at Advent Software to military communications systems as a civilian engineer for the Navy. I have the fun of solving difficult problems at Clarify while making a positive difference for people who are going through a difficult time.

I'm excited to work with this team to build something from scratch.

Roman Yalkitman

I spent most of my career at Advent Software as a software engineer for the data services team. There I worked on various projects ranging from front-end UI pieces to complex backend solutions.

My latest gig was as a senior full-stack engineer for a company that brought technology and innovation into the vending industry.

I’ve joined Clarify Health to work on challenging problems in pursuit of making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

Great team and open culture

David Liu

I have passion for iOS and web development and is keeping up with the cutting edge technology. Prior to joining Clarify, I served at an internet company focused on the automotive aftermarket in China. I have a great sense of responsibility for technology and work. Outside the office, I enjoy biking and is an excellent basketball player.

I believe that people are at the heart of a successful business, and I am inspired every day by connecting and collaborating in pursuit of exceptional performance.

Michelle Day

The heart of what I do is essentially process streamlining and optimization—analyzing and correcting functional inefficiencies—technical, program, or people-oriented. I come to my Program Manager role here at Clarify from many years at Advent Software (up from Reception and Ops right out of college to Senior Director of Release Management and QA in two decades of awesome career growth), plus a few additional years consulting in fintech/project management.

My family of five and I are into sports, tech, camping, and sometimes just taking it easy at home with friends and especially grandparents. I’m a big fan (volunteer and fundraiser) for All Stars, Inc. of the Bay Area, and really love mentoring kids to give them a sense of their own potential professionally.

I am inspired by the team’s genuine dedication to improving value-based healthcare

Sepehr Sadighpour

At Clarify Health, I train and productionize machine learning models and build data pipelines. Prior to Clarify, I was at Omada Health, a provider of value-based care, where I designed experiments aimed at improving population health metrics

Clarify Health offers an advanced digital platform which was developed by talented engineers. 

Jack Chen

I came to Clarify from a startup in the education industry. I’ve been working as a developer on Nodejs for four years and am familiar with express and loopback frameworks. I also have an interest in javascript technology.

I have a passion for music when not in office.

The Clarify Health Development Team defines professionalism and efficiency.

White Wu

As a Software Engineer, I work with the team to develop, test, and deliver high quality products and features related to our mobile and cloud platform at Clarify Health.

Prior to joining this team, I developed leading iOS apps.

I'm inspired by working within excellent team that can improve my skills.

Michael Li

I have three years experience of back-end development and one year experience of full stack development including architecture skills.
I am especially interested in voice recognition and financial applications.

I’m inspired by the resilience of the team and the passion everyone brings to solving one of our nation’s biggest challenges

Jennifer Cizek

Like a lot of the team, I do a little bit of everything at Clarify. My main focus is to build a strong, sustainable company voice through the management of our internal and external communications. I work on the development of our communication strategy relating to PR, marketing, sales – and within our Clarify team. As part of our internal communication strategy, I focus on building the systems, processes and culture that keep Clarify growing and improving. 

I’ve always been a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to work, taking on any challenge and mastering new skills to aid in the pursuit of my passions. When I’m not at work, I’m cooking, drinking wine, and hiking around the city. 

I am excited about Clarify’s analytics capabilities, and potential to transform the healthcare landscape.

Charlie Sauter

Prior to joining Clarify, I spent 4 years at Hospital for Special Surgery, where I worked with interdisciplinary teams to deliver analytics and insights that drove strategic priorities, improved system reliability and efficiency, and increased patient value. I saw firsthand the difficulties providers face in understanding and leveraging their data, so I am excited about Clarify’s analytics capabilities, and potential to transform the healthcare landscape. I hold a BA in Economics from Occidental College. I am an avid skier, surfer, runner, and general outdoors enthusiast.

Clarify is a progressive team with a great culture; I feel I can really learn a lot here.

Alice Zhu

Currently, I work as an Android developer for our patient engagement and empowerment app, Care Pilot.

Prior to joining Clarify, I spent over 3 years working on Android development and have been instrumental in bringing apps to market. Outside Clarify, I like painting and traveling.

I am inspired by working with an amazing team that has a true mission of making the healthcare system more efficient.

Amanda Horowitz

At Clarify, I work with the finance and operations team to implement processes that increase efficiency, manage the various software packages that we use for financial reporting, and develop forecasting tools, as well as anything else that comes my way!

After I graduated from UC San Diego with a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics and a minor in Organic Chemistry, I spent over three years in the public accounting space. I helped develop a new service line, outsourced accounting, at a regional CPA firm which relied on using new cloud-based accounting software to increase efficiency in mid-size companies and, of course, providing financial services to help business owners and executives make informed business decisions.

I’m excited to work with such energetic, motivated, and intelligent individuals here at Clarify.

Amrita Sehgal

I’m excited to work with such energetic, motivated, and intelligent individuals here at Clarify. I was formerly in healthcare management consulting but am looking forward to working in a firm with a bit less structure and a bit more creativity. 😊 Outside of work, I love to walk around Crissy Fields and swim in the Bay!

I'm excited to work with a brilliant team of people as passionate as me to build something new to improve the continuum of care.

Margaret Robotham

After a childhood of struggling through the healthcare system, I became very passionate about improving the system and simplifying the patient experience. I’m excited to work with a brilliant team of people as passionate as me to build something new to improve the continuum of care.

I am a Manager on the Clinical Transformation and Implementation team. I ensure successful implementation and adoption of our solutions and work with our customers to improve the efficiency of care.

I began my career working in patient operations and clinical trials at a hospital, which taught me how misaligned incentives and a lack of engagement can have a real impact on health outcomes. After more experiences at providers, payers, and tech, I worked in strategy consulting at Strategy&, where I saw how patients and organizations alike struggled along the continuum of care. I want to bring my knowledge of the intersection of strategy, operations, and policy to the health system as a whole, to develop a new tool to drive engagement and alignment to shared values and incentives.

I hold an MPH in Health Policy & Management from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a BA in Political Science from Barnard College, Columbia University.

I’m excited about the opportunity to disrupt our broken health care system to enable higher-quality, more affordable care.

Ford Kerr

I help drive our implementation efforts in our New York office and serve as the voice of the customer to our product team to ensure we evolve our offering to better suit their needs.

My last role was as a Project Leader (i.e. Engagement Manager) at BCG, focused on health care strategy, digital innovation, and social impact. Prior to BCG, I was co-founder and CFO of a food delivery startup and spent the first part of my career working in microfinance in Argentina.

I am excited to be part of a dedicated group of professionals committed to bringing healthcare into the 21st century.

Liba Vosahlikova

At Clarify, I focus on life science business development from our New York office. I help pharma and medical device companies navigate the value- and risk-based environment. Clarify is uniquely positioned to meet these needs and be at the forefront of this revolution. Our leading enterprise engineering platform allows converting rich real-world datasets into cutting-edge market intelligence.

Before joining Clarify, I was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. I worked closely with public and private healthcare clients across a broad spectrum of functions and geographies. My focus was strategy, business development, and transformations in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices sector. I experienced firsthand how moving towards a value-based and more personalized healthcare increasingly requires life science companies to provide real-world evidence.

I have an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MSc in International Finance from the University of Amsterdam, and a BSc in Economics from Charles University in Prague

I'm excited about the potential for analytics to uncover insights and drive meaningful change in healthcare.

Jordan DellaValle

I joined the Clarify team a couple months after finishing my undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in Economics and minored in Mathematics. My love for analytics, but more importantly how analytics can uncover insights and drive meaningful change, is what inspired me to work at Clarify.

I currently work with the Clinical Transformation and Implementation team to apply these analytical insights with our clients to transform our current healthcare system. Outside of the office, I love tattoo art, almost anything sports, weightlifting, and cooking.

I believe that technology and data are the pillars of a high-quality and affordable healthcare system.

Julien Dubuis

I am fascinated by the interface of healthcare and technology. After completing my Ph.D. in Biophysics, I spend four years at the Boston Consulting Group, advising various healthcare stakeholders on their digital strategy, and later joined a digital health startup in NYC. I am leading Clarify’s health systems growth on the east coast and look forward to making our technology available to all Providers.


The best thing about working here is that every day I learn something new.

Jaiden Williams

My mom says I am “Nosy.” My friends say I am a “know it all”. My teachers said I was “Naturally Curious.” Me? I describe myself as a lifelong learner, who wants to know anything about everything– and help others stay informed.

To assist in my quest for knowledge, I earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. (Both of which seem well suited for a “Naturally Nosy Know-it-All” like myself.) As a journalist, I believe strongly in my duty to seek truth and report it. As an Information Professional, my responsibility is to disseminate accurate information to the public in an engaging fashion that can assist in educating and enriching lives.

Before I joined the Clarify team, I worked as a Correctional Facilities Librarian for Brooklyn Public Library. Currently, I am working on the Marketing team, which provides me the opportunity to utilize my research and development skills to bring this incredible technology to patients and healthcare teams. There are so many wonderful things at Clarify, from the dynamic individuals to the family vibe of the work culture. However, the best thing about working here is that every day I learn something new—which is perfect for a “Nosy Know-It-All,” like me!

I’m inspired by the passion at Clarify- everyone is committed to making exciting and invaluable changes in the evolving healthcare market.

Jane O'Donnell

Prior to Clarify, I was working as a Recruiting Operations Specialist for a government contractor; scheduling and coordinating logistics for new hires prior to overseas deployment. After meeting the team at Clarify and seeing firsthand how passionate everyone was about the mission, I was ready to make a change and shift gears to a company really making an impact. As the Recruiting Coordinator at Clarify, I’m passionate about assisting in finding quality individuals to add to our team! My goal is to make sure the friendly and welcoming vibe at Clarify is felt by everyone interested in joining us!
Outside of Clarify, you can find me at SoulCycle or hiking in Marin with my dog, Lucas.

I’m excited by the innovative, data-driven solutions that Clarify is developing that are enabling our customers to provide better care to their patients.

Andrew Janatka

I’m excited by the innovative, data-driven solutions that Clarify is developing that are enabling our customers to provide better care to their patients. I also find the passion and drive of the entire Clarify team truly inspiring.

I am currently working on the CT&I team out of the New York office. Prior to Clarify, I worked as a payer/provider strategy consultant with a focus on provider value transformation.

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