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The Teams and Technology Driving Value-Based Transformation

Featured Speakers

Malia Read

Vice President Provider Performance Management, Anthem, Inc.

Lisa White

Director, Value-Based Partner Transformation, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

AHIP 2022 | Session On-Demand


We all know by now that value-based care programs can be challenging to implement, manage, and scale (see illustrative emoji here: 😩). But some of us have found ways to break down barriers to drive success (stadium full of cheers 👏). In this standing-room-only session at AHIP 2022, speakers who are shaping the future of value-based contracting, design, management, and engagement discussed the technology, processes, and teams driving true value-based transformation. Watch the recording to learn how you can apply proven frameworks from leading organizations to your own value-based care programs.

People, process, and technology are three key elements to driving value-based transformation. 

  • Keep it simple, don't over complicate your contracts
  • Focus on building trust
  • Invest in technology centered on filling gaps for your providers

Key Learnings