July 31 2019 Kara Dennis, SVP and GM Life Sciences

Tackling Challenges Faced by Life Sciences Organizations

Since joining Clarify Health last year, I have been working with senior leaders at life sciences companies to improve their understanding of the diseases and markets in which they operate, both to strengthen their ability to make decisions about which therapies to pursue in trials, and to improve their ability to design those trials. I have heard a great deal about how painful it is for them to make sense of the healthcare data ecosystem, which is frequently siloed, disperse, and non-interoperable. What I’ve learned in these conversations has expanded my horizons well beyond the decade that I have spent in clinical trials – there is a great deal to be done to accelerate clinical development and to improve our understanding of the impact that therapies have in the real world.

Built on a growing movement toward increasing interoperability, data availability, computing power, and improvements in machine learning, Clarify Health is set up to solve precisely these challenges. Our team draws heavily upon both product managers and engineers from financial services technology – a world known for innovations in data integration and analytical speed – and clinicians. These two forces have enabled us to create a set of solutions that give our clients a better understanding of cost, utilization, and performance.

These solutions are powered by a data set of over 200M longitudinal lives linking across clinical, claims, social determinant, lab, and prescription data. In Life Sciences, our new offerings are designed to help commercial and market access teams better understand the performance and impact of their therapies, as well as to improve the ability of clinical development teams to design, set up, and execute trials.

As part of our recent introduction of nine solutions, two are specifically designed to benefit our life sciences customers:

  • Disease Maps:

    • Real-time filtering and analysis for trial design, protocol feasibility, and site selection.
    • Using a trial’s specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, users can access heatmaps and data extracts for key decisions in clinical operations.
    • This tool accelerates clinical trial design, setup, and execution across therapeutic areas, and enables scenario modeling to test the feasibility of protocol and design options.
  • Therapy Intelligence:

    • Dynamic access to a comprehensive, actionable, and segmented view of the market, including insights on therapies and patients, including comprehensive, longitudinal patient journeys.
    • Analysis of the impact of treatments on disease trajectory and total cost of care for a patient population.

At Clarify, we enable real-world data to be used at scale via a comprehensive grouper technology (which enables precise understanding of indications) along with a robust tech stack for the precise attribution of medical codes and the ability to process total cost of care. We also control for the variability across different populations — our case-mix adjustment methodology takes into account 300+ patient factors and incorporates social and behavioral determinants of health for far more advanced and actionable benchmarking.

Working with Clarify Health

In just over twelve months, we’ve made great strides to bring pragmatic AI and machine learning to clinical trials. The industry overall is pushing toward personalized solutions, and we’re no different.

Our life science customers can choose how they work with us:

  • Clarify Health’s full-service, market-leading software produces cross-indication insights and analytics to support trial feasibility, sites selection, market intelligence, and therapy impact.
  • Our “fit-for-purpose” data sets are built based on each client’s use case, data from sources such as medical and Rx claims, clinical environments, and social and behavioral determinants. Clients have access to download continually refreshed data for analysis and publication.
  • We also offer customized reporting, including pre-packaged insights that inform reports that meet the company’s needs, tailored by stakeholder role and level.
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