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June 14 2018 BY: Sarah Chen, MD

Need a second opinion on BPCI-A?

So, your internal analytics team has received the data from CMS and is hard at work crunching numbers to determine which episodes you should pursue in the BPCI Advanced (BPCI-A) program. Or maybe you wanted to avoid the headache and your organization is relying on a vendor to provide a diagnostic. Did you know that …

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June 08 2018 By: Benjamin Swails

You won’t believe what we just heard at the Bundled Payment Summit…

This week our team set up camp at The National ACO, Bundled Payment, and MACRA Summit. With all the buzz about BPCI Advanced, we almost forgot about CJR – and it seems like some providers may have too. Yesterday morning, Christina Ritter, Ph.D., a Director at Patient Care Models Group (PCMG) and Former Deputy Director …

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May 31 2018 By: Mary Bond, MBA, BSN, RN

Patient Engagement vs Patient Empowerment Part 2

Earlier this month we shared part one of this series on Clarify’s patient empowerment and care coordination system, Care Pilot and Care Connect. In part two, we will hear from Clarify’s Chief Nursing Officer, Mary Bond about how Care Pilot and Care Connect work together to improve care coordination and patient engagement. As a nurse …

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May 22 2018 BY: Sarah Chen, MD

San Francisco Bay Area John Muir Health Partners with Clarify Health to Optimize Performance in Value-Based Care

Today we announced our continued partnership with Bay Area health system, John Muir Health (JMH). John Muir Health is one of the largest CMS Total Joint Replacement (TJR) providers, performing 750 Medicare TJR procedures each year. In 2016, the health system was mandated to participate in CMS’ then-mandatory Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) bundled …

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May 17 2018

Employee Spotlight: Adam Rogow

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do? I am a Principal Engineer on the development team here at Clarify. I have been working closely with our healthcare experts to translate real-world needs into a data model and a user experience that’s designed to transform and improve the ease at which healthcare …

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May 15 2018 By: Jennifer Cizek

The End of Islands: The future of bundled payments

Just six months ago, the industry was abuzz with questions and speculations surrounding the future of bundled payments. Today, the headlines are focused on innovators and forward-thinking organizations that have successfully adapted and captured value under these arrangements. Value-based care programs reward the quality of care provided and promote cooperation across care sites. In the …

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May 09 2018 by: Todd Gottula

Patient Stratification: What it is and why it matters

This week Clarify launched a new precision cohorting capability. At first, this may sound like an oxymoron. How does stratifying patient populations make sense in an industry increasingly moving toward precision medicine? Well, let’s take a look at patient stratification and what it enables for providers. Stratification is the division of patient populations into subgroups. …

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May 02 2018 By: Sam Bauknight

Patient Engagement vs Patient Empowerment

In part one of a two-part blog series, the engineers who built the Clarify patient empowerment and care coordination system, Care Pilot and Care Connect, share their unique perspective on patient empowerment. The healthcare industry today faces many challenges. Gaps in communication between patients and their care teams create confusion, delays, and anxiety. Doctors, nurses, …

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